Waistless Body Trimming Lotion

Enhance you Waistless goals with a true confidence booster, F.L.O.W. Industry Body Trimming Lotion targets unsightly cellulite on hips, bottom, thighs, inside upper arms and stomach our delicate enzyme rich hydrating lotion helps to limit the fatty acids from penetrating the fat cells. Like an appetite suppressant for the cells this nutrient packed extract suppresses their inclination to engorge and expand then by stimulating the natural process involved with recycling fat into energy it prompts the cell to burn up fat stored within thus reducing the clumping and volume of fat cells on the surface area, relieving pressure and helping to improve the overall appearance.  Your day should begin & end by applying the lotion in a circular upward motion into areas which require treatment. Waistless...The Only Thing You'll Gain Is Confidence!


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